Trini artiste wants unity between Ja, T'dad

August 26, 2016
Contributed Arrow Seventific

Trinidad-based dancehall artiste Arrow Seventific has collaborated with several Jamaican acts and believes his country and Jamaica should unite for the greater good.

According to the artiste who has collaborated with Sizzla Kalonji, Alozade and Tally Phoenix, his music is more than just entertainment, but a bridge for African consciousness.

"My collaborations came about by destiny and purpose that can be only logical explanation, to be totally honest. I have managed to land collaborations with those I have really looked up to and it seems rather surreal. I try to live good and I have honestly tried to deliver real music due to my own experience," Arrow Seventific said.

The artiste says he will be taking no part in segregation since all Caribbean nationals are essentially Africans. "The animosity between Trinidad and Jamaica is simply our small experience of a worldwide occurrence among Africans. To divide and rule is a strategy used by those who have sought to conquer and are not content with natural life. It started from slavery because Africans in the continent are still fighting tribal wars," he said. "Trinidadian Africans kill each other meaninglessly and it's the same for my African Jamaicans. We were brought to Trinidad and Jamaica by slave ships and if an African Trini or African Jamaican never spoke so we can distinguish by their accent, could you honestly tell who is who? We are all brothers ... ask anyone who spreads that propaganda. Why do we really have a problem with each other? At the end of the day, when Bolt runs, we all support him."

Arrow Seventific is currently in Africa executing promotions for his projects. He has also collaborated with recording artistes from Europe and Asia hoping to tap into the reggae-dancehall market.

"I just feel as though I have suddenly collaborated with people I have adhered to in my youth. I didn't make that happen. I believe my love for God attributed. It feels as if, regardless of geographic location, we are all the same," he said.

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