Kyash WestBank drops hot single


August 30, 2016
Contributed Kyash

Reggae dancehall artiste Kyash WestBank has now officially embarked on his musical journey with the release of his debut single, 'Gyal Yuh Hot', produced on his own label, Westbank Music Productions.

The single, which can be described as a high-energy dancehall track, has garnered some serious attention from many diehard female partygoers and has become a summer hit, especially on social media.

Kyash WestBank, born Paul Davis, originates from Negril, Westmoreland, and is committed to his mandate of promoting himself primarily as an artiste from the western part of the island. He is imploring the rest of the music fraternity, as well as other western-based artistes, to support each other to solidify the fact that the talent in the west is no less than that in the metropolitan regions of the island.

"I do believe that we, as artistes in the west, should strive to establish the west as a prime area where many, many excellent talent exists, as we have some of the most creative producers and artistes. So my objective is to underscore that fact with my music and my unique approach," Kyash said.

To find out more about the artiste and his music, visit WestBank or YouTube/Kyash WestBank and Instagram/@real_kyaskwestbank.

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