August 30, 2016
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A British promotions team is seeking to distance itself from a series of death threats directed at recording artiste Nesbeth after he failed to perform at one of their events.

Kimberley Denton of Young Ones Sound in London, which booked Nesbeth for a series of shows in England, told THE STAR that the threats came from Jamaica, and has nothing to do with any of the three promoters of the event.

"This death threat he said he got started this morning [Monday]. It didn't start before the shows," she said.

"He said to us that he got two phone calls from Jamaica, from some person telling him that they're going to kill him and his family when he comes back to Jamaica, etcetera. Nesbeth asked the promoter of the event [Donnie] if he had anything to do with it, and Donnie said no, he doesn't even know his kids," Denton added.

This comes after Nesbeth's team issued a press release saying that Nesbeth, his management team, and family had been threatened after he failed to perform at a show in England.

"I am very disturbed by the whole ordeal and extremely concerned for the safety and lives of my team, and especially my children," Nesbeth said in a media release issued yesterday.

Nesbeth, who is now on tour in the United Kingdom, was booked to perform at concerts in London, Birmingham, and Luton. However, he did not perform at one of the shows due to what his management team described as major contractual breaches.


However, Denton explained that Young Ones Sound, Donnie, and Vybz Classic teamed up to organise three shows in England, featuring the My Dream singer. He performed at the first show in Birmingham, the second show in London was cancelled, and he did not turn up at the third show in Luton.

"People had come out for the event. Gaza Kim (Kym Hamilton), KipRich, and Junior Cat were there and they performed, and the local acts they had on the show performed as well. Nesbeth was the last person [scheduled] to be on the stage," Denton said.

"His back-up singers had come to the show. They were there waiting, they tried everything, but they couldn't get Nesbeth."

She said this was a disappointment to about 50 patrons who demanded that their money be refunded after not seeing the headline act.

While Nesbeth claimed he did not perform because of contractual breaches, Denton said it is Nesbeth who has breached his contract by not performing at the event for which he was booked.

"Our legal team will be looking into this matter," she said.

Nesbeth is slated to return to Jamaica later this week for shows in New York and Toronto over the Labour Day weekend.

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