Hitdan chronicles the 'Trials Of Life'


September 01, 2016
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'Trials Of Life' is the latest single from newcomer Hitdan. The budding deejay teamed with KM Entertainment for his latest effort, which he says is autobiographical.

"This song is honest reality of my life from back then till now. It highlights certain struggles faced by me and my direct family and friends," said Hitdan.

Signed to the Maryland-based KM Entertainment run by Kamica Moore, Hitdan, whose real name is Mikhail Wedderburn, explained how he came by his stage name.

"From my early days at school my friends use to call me Hit Gad. So I just added Don to it which is Italian for God," he revealed.

Originally from the Waterhouse area in Kingston, Hitdan got involved in music from an early age. It was during high school that he began recording demos due to the encouragement of friends. He spoke about his musical journey. "My musical journey was never easy, having to honour other engagements and balance the time to properly develop as an artiste, but while in college I made the decision to put music first. However, lack of exposure affected my drive at first but I am over that now," said Hitdan.

To date, he has worked with producers including UMG, Konsequence Muzik, Warriors Music, Crusha Lot Entertainment, East Link, K20 and Cawvings Entertainment.

Some of his other recordings include Pagan a Work Hard, Every Gyal A Mine, If Money Was A Girl, Lone Badness and Heading For The Paper.

Asked what he brings to the table musically, he said: "Hardcore in explosive lyrics wrapped up in infection melodies on one side, and on the calmer side its just strictly reality related messages".

His forthcoming projects include Reason for Konsequence Muzik, World Tour for UMG, Nah Itch and Party Life (KM Entertainment).

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