Clarendon singer hungry for success


September 02, 2016
Ian Allen Ishan Mabrack is hoping that he will one day get his big break in music.
Ian Allen Ishan Mabrack is hoping that he will one day get his big break in music.

Kemar Ellington stands beside his motorcycle in the Clarendon hills. It's raining and with the motorcycle is not designed for such conditions, Ellington had no option but to wait for fairer weather.

The elements have interrupted Ellington's sales day, as he was heading from Kellits in the hills to May Pen on the plains to do some vending. But the arrival of the rain, and the visit of THE WEEKEND STAR to his community, he feels, is a grand design from the Almighty.

Going by the name stage name Ishan Mabrack, Ellington spent most of the last decade trying to break into the entertainment industry. "Mi know say reggae music can free the people dem soul," the self-sytled soulful singer said.

Ishan Mabrack said that he has long been a performer, and much of his days at Kellits Secondary School was spent entertaining members of the teaching staff and students at concerts. "Right now, it nuh really a put food on the table fi me. A me affi push out the effort fi mek me music go out there," said Ishan Mabrack, who has recorded more than a dozen tracks, which he has put on CDs. He has been distributing his music throughout sections of the parish, but he seldoms collects for it.

"Me affi hustle in the streets, do me likkle juggling; so when me mek me money me just go a studio and produce me tracks dem," Ishan Mabrack said.

While music is yet to provide him with the return on investment that he has been seeking, Ishan Mabrack said that he relies heavily on his hands to put food on the table.

"Me have a lot of skills, so me do some knitting. Me knit tams or bags. Me can use the same crochet thread and mek a Clarks," Ishan Mabrack said.

But it is not the knitting for which he wants to be famous, it is music. "People always asking me about me music. They love it. ... Me affi always a buy CDs and a burn CDs. Me have all a di confidence that me can become a big-time artiste," said Ishan Mabrack.

He feels that the fact that he lives in a farming community is working against him, and that if he is able to get some exposure, he could very well be on his way to success in the music business.

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