St Martin artiste promotes singles in Ja

September 02, 2016
Contributed Hotepshin

St Martin-based reggae/dancehall artiste Marvin 'Hotepshin' Brooks is promoting a new single in Jamaica titled 'Money Fi A Mek'. The single has been receiving strong airplay in St Martin. However, the sinjay thinks Jamaica's approval will push the record to higher heights.

"Hotepshin has been performing at shows in the country that he lives in, but we all know that Jamaica is the Mecca, so once you doing dancehall or reggae music, you have to come home. We are getting good feedback for the song here, and once it kicks off the right way, I know it will be taken up worldwide. Jamaica might not be the ideal place to sell records, however, do not underestimate its potential to promote and break an artiste. I don't thing any other Caribbean island has the capacity to buss artistes like Jamaica does," publicist Luxsuko Campbell told THE WEEKEND STAR.

Hotepshin has been working with US-based producer Gary Wright from Connectivity productions. He told THE WEEKEND STAR the journey has been beneficial to his development.

"I'm just making the necessary connections in Jamaica, the birthplace of reggae and dancehall, to enhance my musical capacity. Currently, I'm promoting Money Fi A Mek, which speaks about the daily struggles people face in their lives. I'm looking forward to see what doors this song can open for me," he said.

Hotepshin is booked for events in both French and Dutch St Martin in coming weeks. He is also promoting another single titled Sit Down, which shows a different side of his music.

Fans of the sinjay can track his career progress @hotepshine on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. For further information, his management team may be reached at +509 690 59 7232, 1-876-459-8773, or email

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