Dancer, friend fight on video - Incident goes viral

September 05, 2016
Dancer Marvin The Beast

Controversial dancer Marvin D Beast recently went viral on social media for another controversial display. However, this time around the dancer was not on the tongues of critics for his dance moves, but instead featured in a physical altercation with an unidentified man.

The video, which was uploaded on Facebook, has been viewed more than 150,000 times with more than 2,000 shares and also saw fans posting more than 800 comments.

The footage clearly shows Marvin and the man having a disagreement which later escalates into a scuffle, as friends of both individuals were forced to intervene. A few light punches were thrown during the mix, however, despite Marvin getting possession of what appeared to be a sharp instrument, there were no serious injuries as both men were separated swiftly while hurling a slew of expletives.

Marvin, who was spotted in New York recently, told THE STAR that the man with whom he was fighting was a close friend. However, they had a disagreement since the man was causing issues between him (Marvin) and his wife.

"The fight a just mi and mi friend have a little beef, it's not even a fight, it's just a little grab up thing. Everything good, we talk it off, him alright and me alright. Nobody nuh get nuh injury," he said.

Marvin denied rumors that the two were fighting for a woman.

"We can't fight over woman, it's just a little thing him snitch pon mi. Me and him deh a Florida and mi carry cross a girl, and him just come back a New York come tell mi wife bare things. Him come hail mi and mi tell him seh mi nuh want him hail mi because him a informer, yu si mi a seh. Him start run off him mouth and grab mi up, but at the end of the day a mi friend, so him can't kill mi and mi can't kill him," he told THE STAR.

The dancer said the matter has been squashed, and he is now focused on promoting his new dance.

"Mi cant afford to hurt anybody and mash up my life, and go jail, leave my family. My career is on the peak right now, and I can't make no ray ray mash up my thing. I have a new song called Beast Mood with DHQ Nickesha, and all of the dancers dem a do it now," he said.

Efforts to get a comment from the man in question were unsuccessful.

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