Jay-5Flow goes viral with 'One Chance'


September 09, 2016
Jay-5 Flow

Dancehall artiste Jay-5Flow is racking up thousands of views and impressions online with his controversial 'One Chance' video. "The video is getting play in markets in Europe, Central and South America, and the single is available online through VPAL. I love the feedback so far," Jay-5Flow said.

The views have been spiked by a controversial scene in the video where Jay-5Flow appears to be performing oral sex on a female dancer.

"Online, some people ah bun me out and ah say some little things, but nothing like that never happen (laughing). People all ah tell mi girl a bagga things, but nothing like that never gwaan (laughing)," he said.

Released in April on the Chase Mills Records label, the single has been boosted by the release of the video chock-full of cavorting big-busted girls in bikinis, and scenes out of the feverish testosterone-fuelled dreams of a typical male teenager.

"The video is every male's fantasy, and people are absolutely loving this video given the comments I am seeing on my social media pages online," he said.

The single, which appears on the Drugz rhythm, has been generating airplay on radio stations in Jamaica, Los Angeles and the Oakland area of California.

"I have also been getting feedback from disc jockeys in Central America, especially in Panama, Belize and Peru. The song is hot, the fans love the beat and the lyrics because it is a sexy song, a perfect party vibe," an enthusiastic Jay-5Flow said. The video was released on VEVO on August 3.

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