OCG drops 'Goodie' video


September 09, 2016
Contributed OCG

Fast-rising dancehall artiste OCG is getting ready to release the video for his single 'Goodie' on the Yellow Moon imprint.

The video was filmed in Port Royal under the direction of Extreme Arts.

The historic port, which was once reputed as the wickedest place on earth, serves as a scenic backdrop for the steamy video which features a bevy of beautiful female dancers, all vying to be the girl who captures OCG's heart.

"I'm very excited about this video. It's full of vibes and action. It's hot. I viewed the final cut a few days ago and I'm very happy with it. Extreme Arts has done a great job once again. We're going to release it this weekend, and I can't wait to see how my fans will respond to it," said OCG.

OCG is currently riding a wave of success as his breakthrough hit single, Best Friend's Girl, continues to grow in popularity.

"I'm very happy and grateful for all that's happening with my career right now. I have to big up my manager, David McIntosh, and the rest of my team and all the producers that I'm working with and all the DJs who are playing my music."

OCG also has several other singles enjoying heavy rotation both locally and overseas, including How Yuh Live Life (Good Good Productions), Living My Dream (Chimney), Girl's Cry (White Ice Productions), Glue (Emudio Records), and How Yuh Dweet Suh (JohnBlacks Records).

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