Summer Medz rhythm scores big


September 09, 2016
Contributed Ace (left) and Reggie from Decision Productions

Decision Productions has scored big with its latest production, the Summer Medz rhythm.

The project was released a few months ago and has been doing well for the fledging entity.

Summer Medz features Do Me Dat by Laden, Sultry by Esco, Pon We Level by Beniton, How You Lie So Good by Imani Ray, Party Haad by Bryka, Weekend Ravin by Drewzie, Stay Inna Lane by Rhythm Pink, and Everybody Sing by G-Cleff.

Migail 'Ace' Golbourn, his brother Reggie Golbourn, and their father Donald 'Natty' Golbourn, are behind Decision Productions.

"As the summer was approaching, I wanted to put out a riddim that had a feel good summer vibe that people would like," Ace said in explaining how the project came about. "The response has been going good so far. We have been, featured on a lot of mix CDs and we have been getting support in the streets. Right now, mi love how Summer Medz a gwaan."

Ace and Reggie have family ties to Spanish Town and Westmoreland in Jamaica. Born in New York City, they have resided in Atlanta for eight years.

Their next project will be a one drop rhythm.

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