Artistes wary of crowd invading stage

September 10, 2016
Anthony Minott/Freelance Photographer Scenes during Magnum Beach O Rama at a Cable Hut Beach, in Bull Bay, St Andrew. The party featured appearances by Yanique "The curvy diva", the host of Magnum Kings & Queens of Dancehall, and a recent Jamaica STAR, STAR of the month Razor B.
Razor B instructs this patient to Bruck Back while on stage.
Beenie Man on stage at Reggae Sumfest 2008.

Dancehall artistes are expressing growing concerns over the frequency of fans invading the stage during their performances.

Entertainers say they are sometimes fearful for their safety as they are unsure what fans will do after gaining access to the stage and their person.

Razor B, who just two weeks ago had a female patron pull him off stage, told THE STAR that the uncertainty of what these fans would do is one of his main concerns.

"Sometimes they do get aggressive. I don't fear for my life, but I fear getting hurt again," he said.

Razor B went on to say that although these fans threaten their safety when they come on stage during their performances, security personnel should be very sensitive about how they handle these individuals.

"I don't think fans are there to hurt the artistes, but sometimes they get too excited, and that turns into aggression," he reasoned.

"Security should know that they are there to protect the artistes, but also the fans, so they should handle each situation professionally and with care. It is good to know that we can have fun with the fans as entertainers, and I know that in my case, them coming on stage sometimes makes the performance more exciting."


random person


Recording artistes and producer Esco shared similar sentiments.

"Fan is short for fanatic, so I think all artistes are somewhat concerned about a random person jumping on stage," he said.

Esco said that there are different types of people attending stage shows.

"Sometimes, our artistes are involved in controversial issues, clashes, etc. and we don't know what these people are going to do, so there is a balance you have to strike. That (fans jumping on stage) could be another exciting aspect of your performance that adds to it," Esco said.

He continued: "Are we concerned as artistes? Yes!. But it's just another problem that has presented itself that we have to handle."

Esco believes that one of the short-term solutions could be an increase in the number of security personnel set to guard the artistes on stage.

"It's now up to the artiste to beef up his security and have more of a team handling the situation so that if a fan actually does jump on stage, he can accommodate it."

Esco reasoned that with stage shows becoming more interactive in recent times, artistes need to sit down with their security team and decide what situations are dangerous and how to handle them.




Beenie Man also gave his two cents.

"Crazed fans are crazed fans, and you have to love them and respect them just the same because they are the ones that scream the most," he said.

Beenie Man said that sometimes the fans are so caught up with getting close to entertainers that they cannot see that their actions may be dangerous to both themselves and the entertainers.

"These fans are the ones that need to touch you, need fi get a strand of your hair, or something so you have to remove them because dem will damage you. I am not agreeing with the security removing them violently, though."

In recent times, artistes such as Popcaan, Dexta Daps, and Mavado have all had to deal with fans entering the stage during their performances.

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