Sting goes global next year

September 12, 2016
Isaiah Laing of Supreme Promotions, organisers of Sting.

The Greatest One Night Reggae Show on Earth, 'Sting', has been rebranded as 'One World Sting'. Starting 2017, the event will be held annually in other countries with the aim of spreading the brand and to fuse reggae and dancehall with all genres of global music.

Sting is set to premiere in London in August 2017, and will feature several top global artistes, after which it will be simultaneously staged on December 26, 2017, in both Jamaica and London as well as over 100 cities, including Beijing, Paris, Sydney, New York, Durham, Johannesburg, and Los Angeles.

The One World Sting is billed to reach an estimated two billion people in its first staging, and with the addition of multi genres, and technological integration, some, 3.4 billion people are set to witness the live event in their country.


international acts


Speaking on the new venture, Supreme Promotions frontman Isaiah Laing told The STAR that Sting will be in a position to break international acts. "It is about creating a set of integrated new, existing, and repositioned acts across the continents, planned together to make a wholly exceptional offer to global audiences. This adds a collaborative dimension to the plan in which the whole is far greater than the sum of the parts ... Welcome to the global voice," Laing said.

The global project is the brainchild of Strategist and International Management Consultant Dr Everton Flemmings in collaboration with Supreme Promotions. Flemmings is facilitating the global partnership that is set to be a relationship and global business model with world-class partners from Los Angeles, New York, Toronto, London, and China.

The investment package is valued at US$350m and will create an extraordinary world- class music event.

One World Sting will run digital discovery projects that ensure the event's programme will resonate far beyond Jamaica, providing digital listening and interaction via apps and other resources.

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