Garnet Silk Jr drops 'Lady Divine' video

September 14, 2016
Contributed Sam Wilks (left) and Garnet Silk Jr

Garnet Silk Jr is getting ready to release his latest work, a music video of the remix of his song 'Lady Divine'.

The original appeared on his debut album, Let Reuben Live. The remix however, is not on the critically acclaimed album that was released in April. The video is due for release on Friday, September 16.

"The remix features the vocals of Sam Wilk (a pop-reggae artiste based on Los Angeles, California). We are both under Vic Rae Inc. management, so the link came about naturally," Silk told THE STAR. "I heard some of this music, he heard some of my music and we said, 'okay, let's collaborate.' We sent him Lady Divine, he loved it and didn't hesitate to jump on the track, and it was a blessing because he really added something interesting to it."

The video, which was directed and produced by Justin Jones and Jesse Ray Diamond, was shot in Kingston at Skyline Drive overlooking the city and at Big Yard Studios during a recent visit by Wilk.




"We decided that we should do the video while Sam was here in Jamaica, so Sam and I linked up again and we took one day to shoot the video," Silk recalled. "What's interesting is I found the lead girl the same day I was to shoot the video, so that was really amazing."

Young Silk said the concept for the video was pretty simple.

"It was just a mellow vibe just like the track. We went to Skyline, there is a beautiful view there. We got some really nice shots, and we went to the studio, where we created the song and, we shot some clips there," he revealed.

He took along his dad's guitar, which he said complemented the acoustic vibe of the song.

"There are some clips of me playing the guitar on a rooftop, playing the first few strings I used to write the original version of the song," he said.

Wilk said he had a good time working on the project.

"It was an honour for me to meet and work with the son of legendary Garnet Silk. Very cool vibes," he said.

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