Teetz not cutting his 'Real Link'

September 14, 2016
File Ricky Teetz

Dancehall artiste Rickey Teetz has released a new music video for the breakout song, Real Link.

The single has been getting major traction on air and in the dancehall space, as its catchy singalong chorus and hard-hitting lyrics that deal with real life issues has struck a chord with Jamaicans.

"This is one of the fastest song that buss for me in the dancehall. Mi a get calls from all over the world for jingles and dubs, and almost every mixtape selector ah run with the song from Montego Bay to Kingston," Rickey Teetz said.

Rickey Teetz recently performed on the Reggae Sumfest stage where his performance was well received by the patrons, and a video of his Sumfest performance on YouTube has racked up thousands of views.

"It was nothing but pandemonium seeing patrons singing and dancing to my songs while I performed, it was a great experience," he said.

Rickey Teetz landed his first overseas gig when he performed in Trinidad last week where he got a good ovation from the patrons.

"I was well received, it was a good performance. I realised that Real Link and Galang Bad are doing well. Next stop for Rickey Teetz is Grenada, so I am gaining fans in the Caribbean," he said.

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