Skillz shows his lyrical skills

September 15, 2016
Contributed Skillz

Dancehall artiste Skillz has released a new single titled 'Street Sweepa', which has been getting strong rotation at events in the United States.

The record was produced by 876 New Era Records and not only introduces Skillz to the hardcore dancehall audience, but also displays his capacity to be a versatile act.

"I do positive music, reggae music, and just about any inspiration I get. However, this record is hardcore and is designed to target the streets, and when I say 'streets', I mean the hardcore fans of dancehall music. Dancehall cannot be successful if the streets are not connected to it, and that is why I decided to do this song. This is my attempt to reach those ardent fans of dancehall reggae music, and I think the song is doing what it is supposed to do because the feedback has been good so far. I haven't heard any complaints," he told THE STAR.

Skillz recently filmed a music video for Street Sweepa and has embarked on a social-media campaign targeting Facebook, Instagram and YouTube.

The artiste is also banking on the support on fans of Jamaican music, stating that he has the right package to create an impact in the music industry.

"People should support my music, because I'm original. I'm not like everyone else. I'm something brand new to the industry. I plan on taking my music to another level, and to continue to do so until I make it all the way up. My style and image are unique. I don't sound or look like anyone else. I'm unique and skilful," he said.

Skillz performed at several events over the summer and is hoping to create enough buzz over the next few months to improve his marketability. He also hinted that his team would be releasing several videos periodically to maintain a level of consistency.

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