Fanci Bling searches for stardom

September 16, 2016
Rasbert Turner Fanci Bling

The name Fanci Bling may readily bring to mind glitz and glamour, but the reality is that it represents this entertainer's hard work and dedication to the musical art form.

The name has been his assumed moniker over the years, but he was born and christened Nicardo Henry in Spanish Town, St Catherine.

He said that he intends to maintain a positive contribution to music. "I started to take music seriously in 2011 when I recorded Dance Fi Mi on the Kanal Bank Production label," Fanci Bling revealed.

He said that in 2013, he formed Fanci Bling Productions and released songs such as Clappings, Begging, and Food Court, for which there is a video.

Fanci Bling started his musical journey years ago. It has been made a little easier through his training in voice, speech, and poetry. He has over the years, evolved into the production and singing of conscious songs that uplift the soul.

After showcasing early glimpses of his musical potential while he attended the JosÈ Marti Technical High School, where he studied mechanical engineering, Fanci Bling told THE WEEKEND STAR that he wants to be the next big cultural artiste in Jamaica.

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