Shuga drops 'Caribbean People'

September 16, 2016

Reggae star Shuga will release her new single, 'Caribbean People', this month.

"The song seeks to empower and unite the Caribbean by putting an end to the division. We are joined by culture. The only thing that should be divide us is the Caribbean Sea itself," Shuga said.

The song was produced by Warieka Production, and the video was recently shot and directed by Ras Tingle.

Shuga recently completed a promotional tour in Europe, and she is now ready to amp up promotions in the Caribbean, spearheaded by her new single.

"The people of the Caribbean are unique. I 'full-joy' every moment that brings us together as a people like the Olympics and carnival, the exchange of good energy, the cheering, and the dancing. Even the hurricane season that brings disaster somehow pulls us together in support of our brother or sister islands who have a common experience. There is a oneness in the Caribbean," she said.

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