Tom Laing has the Trench Town sound

September 16, 2016
Tom Laing

Reggae singer Tom Laing is all smiles as his recently released single, 'Prayer', continues to grow in popularity.

The Donni Marshall-produced song, which is the second single from his Love is Ok EP, is currently enjoying a huge buzz on local radio.

"Prayer is doing very well. I'm pleased with the response it's getting. A lot of people love this song because of its message. It's very inspirational. It's the type of song that lifts your spiritS every time you hear it," he said.

The Trench Town-born entertainer, who resides in New York, is no stranger to the spotlight. Since he launched his career in 2006, he has topped reggae charts worldwide with songs such as Finally Free, One More Thing, Front Door, and Belly of the Beast, featuring Capleton.

"I make good music for the people. I give them music that they can feel. All my songs have that original Trench Town sound that is loved and appreciated by reggae music fans all over the world," said Laing.

Laing is working on some new projects, including his debut album. "I'm always making music. I never stop. Over the years I've recorded enough songs to release several albums, and I'm still recording new tracks. I'm going to release an album very soon, but before I do that, I want to drop another single off my EP. After that, I will focus on putting out my debut album in 2016," he said.

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