Yaksta Carvanie promotes new EP

September 16, 2016
Contributed Yaksta Carvanie

Fashion designer-turned-reggae artiste Yaksta Carvanie, is now poised to begin a promotional campaign for his recently released EP, Stoic Torture.

The EP, which can be described as an enlightening journey into the depths and complexities of human emotions, has since begun to stir the curiosity of the listening public and social media and is expected to bring a sustaining buzz for the artiste.

Carvanie, born Kemaul Martin, who originates from St Mary, has always been one to possess exceptional creativity, made evident for some time now by the establishment of his clothing line called Weyrd.

However, it was a series of unfortunate events that seemingly nudged the artiste to begin writing as a means of coping with the socio-economic deficiencies that he encountered at the time that can be attributed to the development of his lyrical potency and unwavering determination to beat the odds.

Singles such as Workers Anthem, Jah Jah Neva Sleep, and Above The Ground Floor are just a few of the riveting tracks from his EP.

"Many might say that I am peculiar in my everyday existence, however, I do embrace that perception of myself by others as I strive to never to be normal, as being normal is a direct product of domestication of the mind, which ultimately stifles free will. I am about self-awareness and being conscious of who I am in relation to the rest of the world," Yaksta said.

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