Digicel Rising Stars down to three - Elton, Monifa and ANE advance to semi-final


September 17, 2016
Contributed The top 3 contestants pose for a photo with guest judge, Tessanne Chin.
Contributed Girl group ANE delivered two solid performances for the night.
Contributed Elton Earlington had the audience dancing and singing along.
Contributed The Gifted One makes a sweet departure following his elimination.
Contributed Monifa Goss got girly and cute for her performance of 'To Sir With Love'.

• Elton, Monifa and ANE advance to semi-final

After being eliminated on Sunday night, Alex 'Gifted One' Richard made what seemed like a futile attempt at redeeming himself with a sweet rendition of Sam Smith's 'I'm Not The Only One'.

But the show went on without him, and the three remaining contestants did their very best to inch themselves closer to the $1.5m cash prize with two performances each.

Challenged with performing both the song from their original audition in addition to a selection by the judges, the top three went into a showdown to prove their worth. Elton Earlington continued with his vocal gymnastics, first with Sam Smith's Lay Me Down followed by a Dennis Brown Medley that brought the studio audience to their feet, singing and dancing.

A slightly hoarse Monifa Goss took on the task of singing her audition song - Demi Lovato's Skyscraper, which teetered on the brink of being both amazing and possibly catastrophic at the same time. She regained her footing, however, with a very cute and girly delivery of vintage hit, To Sir With Love.

ANE continued to shed the underdog's cloak with two hit melodies - the infectious Cups by Anna Kendrick followed by The Andrews Sisters' Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy. Both were delivered with tight harmonies and energetic choreography by the trio.

Guest judge on the show, Tessanne Chin, said, "I felt really, really good about the performances tonight. Going forward, they need to just prepare and give the audience the best versions of themselves. You can see clearly that they all have the potential to win."

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