'I'm a good mother' - Devina Burns responds to Kid Kurupt

September 19, 2016
File Devina Burn

Devina Burns, babymother of dancehall artiste Kid Kurupt, has responded to claims made by the deejay that she is a bad mother and does not deserve to be a part of her son's life.

In response to questions surrounding the back and forth between her and her estranged babyfather on social media, Burns told THE STAR that Kurupt has been using their son as a means of keeping her in his life after she made it clear to him that their relationship was over.

"A bitter Kid Kurupt is using my innocent baby boy as a pawn, on the fact that we are no longer in a relationship where he can control me," she said in a message sent to THE STAR via Instagram. "The only control he has left is that of my son, because he knows how I feel about my baby. He knows I will do the world and more for him."




In a story published in THE WEEKEND STAR, Kid Kurupt denied allegations made by Burns, especially the ones accusing him of threatening the life of their son. Burns, in response to those statements, revealed that she has proof that the threats were real. "What kind of mother makes up a story about the father of her child threatening to kill her son, if you really think about it," she expressed, noting she has voicemail messages as proof. "Kid Kurup is upset because I've moved on. He cannot control this young mind anymore."

In a post made to her Instagram page on Friday, Burns revealed that contrary to what Kurupt has said, she takes care of her son and only wants the best for him. "Those who know my story from the start will understand and those who don't can continue to succumb to his lies. I take care of my son, but it is disregarded."

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