Badd Indyann drops 'World Travel'


September 21, 2016
Contributed Badd Indyann

Recording artiste Bad Indyann has released a single tiled World Travel.

The single speaks about the artiste's aspirations to travel all over the world to spread his music. World Travel, produced by Ehvenz Production, is a dancehall single with a cross-over flavour. The video was shot in Manhattan, New York, and Dover, New Jersey.

The up-and-coming artiste has also been pushing to solidify his space in dancehall with several new singles such as Destroy 80 and Game Head. He describes himself as 'driven' and 'determined' to create waves in music.

"It is very difficult as a young act to get highlights in music. However, I find that the streets and underground movements are very accepting of my music," he said.

Badd Indyann, who resides in Kingston, highlights the support of several street DJs, including Wessy Wessy of Swatch International. He said: "I respect all the street DJs who take a chance with young artistes' music, especially the ones that do it without any compensation but just for the love of good music."

The deejay's last great success was hitting more than 200,000 views for the video for Game Head, which was shot by OCM Productions and features the artiste in bed with a female model playing video games and getting intimate. He is now eager to see the response to his new videos and music.

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