Dimon Treajah starts dance contest


September 22, 2016
Dimon Treajah

Rizing Starz recording artiste Dimon Treajah will be shooting a visual for his 'Sexual Healing' single next week and is seeking girls to appear in the video.

"The song a gwaan good inna real life at all the dances inna Portmore and Kingston. It concrete inna the gal segment every night. On social media, ladies are creating their own seductive dance to this song and posting it all over, so I am running a little contest to give away $20,000 to the girl with the most likes on IG, and she will also appear in the video," Dimon Treajah said.

Girls who want to participate can tag the artiste on Instagram (IG) so that he can repost the video. The contest ends on September 30.

In the meantime, the streets are responding to songs like Work Hard, produced by Chase Mills Records, Gal Settings, and Wifey, which are in heavy rotation in the streets and on the radio locally and internationally in places like New York, New Jersey, Trinidad and Guyana.

The singer is currently working on his EP with tracks from Rizing Stars Records and other labels. He has carved out a decent underground following in Portmore and Spanish Town.

"Big up to the Firmteam, Heartical fashion, Young gz, Dark waters, girls like Danni boo and Izebella, the whole CD fantasy squad, Dj Six killa, Million-daller voice, DJ Fya Reds, DJ Gallis, Krowd pleaser, and Swatch International. Right now the ting loud!" he said.

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