Mavado hits charts with 'Fiesta'


September 22, 2016
File Mavado

High-profile independent label JA Productions is getting a lot of international buzz around the release of Mavado's latest single, Fiesta.

The single is now at number 10 on the FIWI Choice Top 10 chart and is generating a lot of views and comments on music-sharing platforms worldwide.

"Plans are far advanced to shoot a video for the project. Me and Mavado always have a great chemistry in the studio, so I am not surprised at the great feedback on the international markets, especially on radio on South Florida," Justus Arison, of JA Productions, said.

The single is generating a big buzz on the radio, getting multiple spins on Irie, Zip, SunCity and Hitz FM. Since its release on YouTube, it has racked up 91,000 views in only a month.

Other high-profile collaborations on the horizon include a Mya and Jah Cure collab, which is slated to hit radio like a hurricane next week.

"We're going to amp up things for the rest of the summer, as we are also going to release a new rhythm projectt within the next four weeks," Arison said.

JA Productions is no stranger to international success as the label's previous rhythm project, Life Support, picked up a high profile sync placement on the popular US reality TV series, Bad Girls Club. The placement was for a hip-hop remix of Let Dem Een by Gyptian.

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