Monifa, Elton in a final showdown - ANE cops third place in Digicel Rising Stars


September 24, 2016
Contributed Elton Earlington kicked things up a notch in the second-round, delivering a rose to judge, Alaine Laughton.
Contributed Monifa Goss brought the theatrics to the stage during her performance of Ikaya's Ugly Girl.
Contributed Elton Earlington makes his long-awaited split during the disco-themed final round.
Contributed Monifa Goss went for gold in her final performance for the night, singing Donna Summer's Last Dance.
Contributed Monifa Goss and Elton Earlington, the finalists who will go head-to-head in the final show tomorrow.
Contributed Third-place winners, ANE, held it together to give their parting performance after receiving news of their elimination.

ANE cops third place in Digicel Rising Stars

With the only surviving girl group in the competition copping third place last Sunday night, competition baby Monifa Goss and crowd favourite Elton Earlington will go head-to-head in an exciting final show tomorrow.

Although obviously disappointed, ANE left the competition on a high note, with Christina Aguilera's Something's Got a Hold on Me. The trio from Kitson Town in St Catherine was a wild-card selection for the show's controversial judge, Anthony 'Killer' Miller.

"It's a bittersweet win for us," said Alicia Grant, a member of the trio. "We worked very hard to get our votes so it's a bit hard to accept that we didn't go through to the final. Anyway, we got a lot of exposure from the show and people on the street know our name. So now, we'll just move on to making music and showing the world what ANE can do. We're also happy that we didn't leave the competition empty-handed, as we did walk away with a $400,000 prize."

Following ANE's departure, Elton Earlington and Monifa Goss took every advantage of their three performances each to try and win the hearts of the voting audience. Monifa Goss stole the first round with Whitney Houston's Didn't We Almost Have It All while Elton Earlington underwhelmed with his rendition of Richie Spice's Earth A Run Red.

Earlington managed to redeem himself in the second round, however, pulling on a fail-safe ballad - Michael Bolton's When A Man Loves A Woman. Earlington went as far as to step off the stage to deliver a rose to judge Alaine Laughton, who swooned over his romantic gesture. For her second performance, Goss also changed tack with Ikaya's Ugly Girl, which got great reviews from the studio audience.

Goss transitioned from Ikaya's Ugly Girl to Donna Summer's Last Dance, to match the disco theme in the final round. But Earlington captured another round for himself, donning a massive Afro and doing his long-awaited split during his cover of The Trammps' Disco Inferno. Although both Conroy Wilson and Alaine Laughton enjoyed the performance, Anthony Miller stood out on a limb, as usual, saying the only thing memorable was the dancing girls that accompanied Earlington on stage.

The final show takes place at the Courtleigh Auditorium in New Kingston. In the meantime, persons can vote for Elton Earlington by calling or texting 444-5501 or Monifa Goss at 444-5505. Fans of the show can also tune in to the social-media pages of Alcatel and Digicel Jamaica for a chance to win tickets.

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