St Thomas kids feted at treat

September 24, 2016
A drone arouses the interest of children
Anthony Minott/Freelance Photographer A section of the crowd at the back-to-school treat
The Raverz Movement Foundation team pose for the camera
Jessica Haynes (right) receives a school bag from Lando Raverz, CEO of Raverz Movement Foundation. She's from Leith Hall in St Thomas
Jhenelle McKie gets a school bag from Malvia Williams of Raverz Movement.
These boys entertain the crowd with the latest dance moves
Anthony Minott/Freelance Photographer Ashawni Baker and mom, Monique Wright share a light moment
Anthony Minott/Freelance Photographer Lando Raverz (left) CEO of Raverz Movement gives his son some refreshment.
Anthony Minott/Freelance Photographer Toni-Ann Miller (left) hands over new shoes to Jamar Simpson
Make-up artist, Shameka Brown, hands over a gift basket from Fontana Pharmacy to a youngster.
Tanisha Bennett of Prospect who attends Seafort High School, gets a new school bag from Lando Raverz
A little girl shares her pop corn with a friend

More than 100 children from districts in St Thomas benefited from a back-to-school treat put on Lando Raverz, the CEO of Raverz Movements sound system at Prospect in the parish recently.

The children were from Port Morant, Lieth Hall and Prospect. "From I was very young I always had a vision of wanting to give back to the less fortunate whenever I find myself in that position to do so. As the CEO of Raverz Movements sound and the Raverz Movement Foundation I think it was my duty to give back a little of what I make in the parish," he said, adding that he received a little help from generous sponsors.

During the treat children received school supplies, including shoes. They were also treated to music, bounce-a-bout, snow cones, pop corn and ice-cream. The look on the faces of these youngsters told the whole story that it was well appreciated.

Lando said plenty people in the parish are in need of help and called on other stakeholders to step up to the plate. "I see the needs of kids especially at the basic and primary level. They can't go to school or they go to school with very little resources. They really need the assistance," he said.

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