Ed Sheeran pig statue sold for $1 million

September 26, 2016
The Ed Sheeran pig statue that was sold for J$1 million.
Ed Sheeran

A pig-shaped statue, which was made to look like British singer Ed Sheeran, was sold for more J$1 million at a charity auction held in England recently.

The Thinking Out Loud hit maker, who backed the charity project, told BBC News that the design was "awesome" and he hoped the model would be a "huge hit".

It was indeed a huge hit at the charity event, which was held in aid of the town’s St Elizabeth Hospice, at Trinity Park in England. Someone made a £6,200 (J$1,026,280) bid on the piece, which was wittily titled 'Ed Sheer-Ham'.

The million-dollar porcelain pig statue sports orange hair and beard, resembling that of the singer's, and was even dressed in a red and black plaid shirt, similar to the one often donned by the singer.

In total, the charity event, which was held last Thursday, raised £152,550 (J$25.2 million).

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