Flexxx enters deejays' 'war' - Defends Mavado against Demarco

September 26, 2016
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The simmering conflict between dancehall star Demarco and Mavado and his squad of Gullyside artistes is heating up with the two sides exchanging verbal barbs.

Demarco has been generating a lot of controversy in the industry with his latest single, Hot Wings, which boasts about his ability to travel and 'touch the airport road' doing shows all over the globe. It is a song that has ruffled the feathers of several artistes in the game, a significant number of whom have US work permit problems.


taken exception


The song has racked up more than 40,000 views in the two weeks since its release, but other artistes have taken exception, one in particular, Flexxx, even doing a song, Whopper Combo, suggesting that Demarco was now a "KFC cashier".

"Why him feel him can come diss Gullyside? Nobody nuh trouble him, him ah try diss Mavado. Why him no answer Flexxx, mek mi buss him coconut jelly. Nowadays music no have nothing to do with just hit songs, and me have hit songs before Shemarco. Dem fi take the auto tune offa the KFC cashier bwoy voice and see what yu get. Bout Hot Wings, him love him belly, him ah KFC cashier, rifle shot bun up Hot Wings, mi gi him a Whopper Combo," an upset-sounding Flexxx said.

Several weeks ago, Demarco voiced a song which took shots at the Gullyside and followed up with the hard-hitting King Kong, that took direct aim at Mavado, racking up 200,000 views in three weeks.

"Shemarco head big and him belly big so him feel say him fi come inna the war, me pick it up because him call Gullyside name. Tell him fi ansa! Who him? A which garrison him come from?" Flexxx asked.


certain artistes


However, Demarco has chosen to ignore Flexxx, who he believes is "looking a hype".

"Right now, mi nah look pon certain artistes ... dem need fi buy school things fi dem pickney. Mi nu haffi link Mavado or Bounty Killer fi mek my pickney dem eat food a morning time. Mi nah beg no dub from no artiste. Mi sing mi owna dub and mek money, mi nu haffi rely pon a next artiste talent fi eat a food," a confident Demarco said. "The same man who ah talk off him mouth, ah him same one diss Mavado inna one song, and now ah come buy out people argument. Dem a war wagonist, dem a two side cutlass."

Gullyside enforcer Flexxx hit back saying that he had his own money and assets.

"If dem have houses, I have a house, and if dem have cars, I have a car. Mi nah watch what dem have. My song, Killy Killy hot, ah dat send my pickney dem go school, tell him fi talk bout him babymother who did put him out a foreign. She force him outta the yard fi go shelter ah the corner store inna the middle of winter, and that's why him run come a Jamaica," Flexxx said.

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