General Degree recaptures the '90s

September 26, 2016
General Degree
General Degree

Dancehall artiste General Degree exploded on the scene in the '90s with hits such as 'Hold You Tonight', 'Traffic Blocking' and 'Pianist'.

It is no wonder his latest album has now taken him back to that era. Titled From The '90s, the artiste, born Cardiff Butt, said he was inspired by the vibe from the '90s songs.

"The '90s was a time of fun. Dancehall nice ... well, everything was nice," he said. "It was also a time when my songs were embraced both locally and internationally."

For him "going back to the '90s", he hopes to recreate that era and so far, he is not doing a bad job as he said the responses has been good. His last album, Bambalam, recorded two years ago, did well, but Degree said with this latest work, he wanted 'something' and that turned out to be the '90s vibe.

Cognisant of the many negativity surrounding dancehall music, Degree said he still believes original works and the right materials will be able to break down barriers and compete for the almighty dollar in the buying market.

"The state of music is up and down right now. You have good artistes doing well and keeping the legacy and you have a few not-so-good artistes who needs to work on their craft," said Degree.

The album, which had its official release on August 12 and feature collaborations with Sean Paul and Tarrus Riley, has been enjoying great reviews from listeners.

"My album has been on the reggae iTunes page for over a month and it was recently featured on Pandora home page," he said.

Although he put his heart and soul in all 14 tracks, Degree said Have Fun is his favourite. "It reminds me of a few songs I did in the '90s. The emphasis then was fun as most of them were humorous and many said the songs cracked them up. That is the same kind of energy that I have brought into these tracks," he said.

Looking ahead, he said he plans on doing some more videos of songs from the album, such as Bumpa, Drunk Sex, Betta and Kitty Kitty.

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