Bay-C, Shady Squad 'Bunx and Galang'

September 28, 2016
Contributed Bay-C

New solo international chart-topping artiste Bay-C has now ventured onto the dance scene with a brand new collaboration with popular dance crew, Shady Squad.

The track, called Bunx and Galang, is written by Rey from Shady Squad and Bay-C and produced by Icon Music Group and Bay-C's own Bombrush Records.

When asked about the connection and what prompted the idea, Bay-C stated: "It was a natural vibe, not planned at all. Beyond dancing, Rey of Shady Squad is a really talented singer. I have been encouraging him to pursue music whenever we crossed paths in the streets. Then one day we linked up and he told me he had the idea for the song. I connected him with Icon to produce it and the rest, as they say, is history."

This is the first deviation to dancing for Bay-C, formerly of TOK, since embarking on a solo career last year, but he admits he has always had an affinity for the art form.

"Back in the day, I used to leave Campion High, go downtown and dance with Bogle and Bruk Up. Then I would carry those dances back uptown and show them off to my schoolmates. It was always a part of me, but the Bay-C 'bad boy' image in TOK never allowed me to show that side, until now!" he said.

Already, the visuals for the single, directed by CAB Concepts, have been released and have received positive reviews. The video showcases dance moves from Shady Squad as well as international dancers from Europe and Asia.

Bunx and Galang is available online for streaming or download purchase. The single will be among the tracks featured on Bay-C's upcoming tour in Italy that kicks off in the middle of October and will run until November. The tour will cover major cities, including Rome, Salento, and Milan.

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