Alex kicks off solo career

September 29, 2016

As he gets ready to launch his solo career, former TOK member Alex is an excited man over his debut single, 'Tek A Whine', which he said represents the new direction he has taken since the group broke up almost a year ago.

Tek a Whine is the first project of his fledgling label Outtadiboxx Records and is distributed by Zojakworld. It is available on iTunes.

Alex literally steps outside the box with his new track on a beat composed by the rhythm maestro Richie Loop of My Cup fame. Both artistes combined their efforts on the lyrics and so far, Alex is liking the end product.




"I've been getting great feedback so far from the track. I did a little test in the gym and a couple places, played it for a couple people and they seemed to like it and moved to it," he tells THE STAR. "(I am) feeling very excited, full of energy, full of vibe. It is a high-paced, energy track and I feel really good about it."

The song, he said, is a product of his evolved mindset as he charts a path for a career as a solo artiste. "The essence of my music is basically going to be about experimentation, not just sticking to the straight dancehall or the straight one-drop type vibe. I want to just make music fun. I want to make music energetic; think, dance, jump, sing; just step outside the box, hence the name of my record label," he explained. "I am actually stepping a little outside my comfort zone in terms of my delivery of music."

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