After seven years... Shuga severs ties with Donovan Germain

September 30, 2016

Former Digicel Rising Stars winner Shuga has severed ties with manager Donovan Germaine after seven years.

According to the artiste, she is grateful for his contribution to her career, however, the decision was inevitable. "He was a great manager, he is my father, and my foundation, but it is time to move out and move forward right now. I am just doing me right now," she said.

When contacted by The STAR Donovan Germain said he holds no grudges against Shuga. "There is no situation, people go from label when they see it fit. I don't have a problem with people leaving, and I don't have a problem with her nor do I have anything bad to say about her, maybe she thinks other people will be better for her career at this point," he said.

The iconic producer, who is credited for his work with Buju Banton, among other industry giants, says he will now direct his focus on developing the career of Rising Stars winner Dalton Harris.

"I am helping with the development of Dalton Harris, we have been recording songs and building the artistry. Music is a learning process and some people expect it to work for them overnight. It happens like that sometimes but that situation is rare," he said.

In the meantime, Shuga will release her new single Caribbean People during the first week of October. "The entire Caribbean needs a revival and renewal, there is way too much disunity and division. There is one Caricom, all of us ah one, we have to look out for one another, ah oneness mi say," Shuga said.

Caribbean People was produced by Warieka Production, and the video was recently directed by Ras Tingle. The artiste recently completed a promotional tour in Europe, and she is now ready to amp up promotions in the Caribbean propelled by the new record.

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