I'm moving on with my life ...Amari doesn't want to get back with Bop now

September 30, 2016
A'mari and Gully Bop in happier times
Gully Bop
A'mari and Gully Bop while they were together

In the past couple of days, dancehall artiste A'mari has been using social media to profess her love for fellow artiste and former flame Gully Bop.

Some users took the expression of love to mean that there was a possible reunion on the horizon for the estranged couple.

The entertainer's posts caused a social media firestorm as Gully Bop fans lashed out at A'mari for ruining the deejay's career and encouraged him to steer clear of her. However, when contacted, A'mari explained that people should not read too much into her posts as she was merely expressing concern for her ex's well-being.

"I love Gully Bop with all my heart," she said. "I've always cared about him. I know his mother and other family members, but right now, I'm getting on with my life." Although an immediate reunion is out of the question for A'mari, she has not given up totally on reigniting the love the couple once shared. "I will always be in love with Bop. Ninety-eight per cent of our life was beautiful," she revealed. "It's not something we've discussed (getting back together), but even if it was and he did want to get back together, it's not something he would say right now and it's not something I'm thinking about at this moment."

The last time the couple was in the media back in July, Bop was arrested in New York for domestic violence. The entertainer made an appearance in the Brooklyn Criminal Court, where he was granted US$1,200 bail. When questioned about that matter, A'mari said she never intended for Bop to get, arrested and revealed that she dropped the charges against him three months ago.

"I dropped the charges against him, like, three months ago. The main reason why I had reported him was because of my documents - my green card and my passport. I thought he had them," she said. "I was being abused, but that's not the reason I went to the police. I wasn't ready to tell the world, but during the conversations with the police it came out."


Concern for his



mental state


She explained that another reason for dropping the charges was out of concern for his mental state. "Gully Bop knows that I truly love him and he knows that he needs help, and he doesn't want me to help him, so he's basically running from the people who want to help him," she explained. "He is going down a destructive path. The only thing I'm concerned about right now is to make sure that I keep some money together for when he falls on hard times because I'm still his manager and I'm concerned about him."

The STAR found out that Gully Bop was in New York but was unable to reach him up to press time. Bop, who rose to fame in 2014 after a video of him deejaying went viral on social media, has so far had tough luck with relationships. In December 2015, he and his ex-fiancÈe, Chin Chin, had a very public falling out. The two had an argument over infidelity rumours. The argument became physical and Bop sustained injuries after Chin Chin used a padlock to rain several blows to his head.

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