It's a Drink Up heads to Portmore

September 30, 2016
File Members of Di Unit sound system

Party fans in Portmore and surrounding areas will experience the high-energy sensations of It's a Drink Up on Sunday October 9. This is the first time the series is being held in the Sunshine City.

Promoted by Xynkfence Music Group (XMG), the event takes place at Waves Beach.

Kamoy Clarke, a member of the promotion team, explained the idea behind the series. "We started It's a Drink Up as a celebration for three of our friends who had their birthdays on the same date, June 27. Based on the feedback from patrons and the popularity of the event, we decided to continue," said Clarke.

Xynkfence Music Group comprises Clarke, Rashedee Clarke, Joel Vickers, Audley Allen, Ricardo Henry, Cavell Campbell and Sheviene Taylor. This will be the sixth staging of It's a Drink Up.

"This staging is dubbed the 'Ultimate Drink Up Experience'. The other editions are Fully Loaded, Reloaded, Faded Fantasy, Rep Your Drink and Anniversary," Clarke explained.

The most recent staging was held in June at Twin Gates Plaza in Kingston. It was hosted by dancehall artiste Aidonia. A number of persons from the entertainment fraternity attended, including ZJ Ice, Charly Black, Chad Hype and Bachelor Chef's Shea Stewart.

Coppershot, Xynkfence sound, Di Unit and ZJ Johnny Kool have been commissioned to supply the musical mayhem at the Waves Beach staging.

"Patrons can expect a lot of high intensity, awesome decor, beautiful ladies, great vibe, the ultimate drink-up experience," Clarke added.

The event starts at 2 p.m. and runs until 8 p.m. Admission is $1,000 pre-sold and $1,500 at the gate.

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