MAPPING MATTHEW: K Queens warns Jamaicans not to be like people in the days of Noah

October 03, 2016
K Queens
Rudolph Brown Photo Sea has made its way onto the Leith Hall main road in St. Thomas
Rudolph Brown This man makes his way to a shelter in Golden Grove, St Thomas, yesterday.
Rudolph Brown This man is taking steps to secure his property before Hurricane Matthew gets here. He was spotted in Golden Grove, eastern St Thomas on Monday.

Dancehall duo K Queens has cautioned Jamaicans not to be like the persons in the days of Noah who failed to make preparation for the great flood.

"I think we should be prepared because it is better to be safe than sorry," the pair of  identical twins told THE STAR Online.

The caution from the entertainers come as dangerous Category 4 Hurricane Matthew heads towards the island.  Despite the many warnings, some Jamaicans have been nonchalant in their preparation for the storm.

"The people who don’t take it serious please do, don’t be like the people in Noah’s days,” K Queens begged.

According to the Bible, God told Noah to build a big boat, called an ark. The other people ignored his plea for them to repent. God then sent a great flood, and only the people in the ark were saved.

 K Queens told The STAR Online that they have made preparations for Hurricane Matthew.

“We have covered the glass windows so that if things are flying in the air the windows won't be broken. We made sure that we have clean water and food as well as light. We also made sure that all phones are charged and we have credit to make phone calls in case of an emergency,” K Queens said.


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