Pinchers ready for the spotlight again

October 07, 2016

The veteran dancehall singer, who ruled the roost in the mid to late '80s with hits such as Agony, Mass Out, Lift It Up Again and Bandelero, is eyeing a return to the top of the charts with his latest single titled, She Come Fi Di Rooster.

The song, produced by the Canada-based record label Star Track Reggae, was released earlier this month. Since then, it has enjoyed heavy rotation, both locally and abroad.

"I'm a genuine hitmaker, and the people love my music. Once I put out a song and it gets the right promotion, it's going to hit. Star Track Reggae is doing a lot of work to push this song, and the fans are responding to it positively," said Pinchers.

Since the recording of She Come Fi Di Rooster, Pinchers has developed a close working relationship with Star Track Reggae and is currently working on several other projects for the label.

"I appreciate the way the people who run this label work, they give their artistes a lot of support. I plan to work with this label on a long-term basis; I believe we can achieve a lot of success working together," he said.

She Come Fi Di Rooster is available on iTunes and all other leading online music platforms.

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