Alka-Vybz a huge success

October 11, 2016
These lovely ladies makes for a perfect scenery
Dancers in their element
Two hot mamas share lens.
Overseas-based promoter, Swagg Mumm,a takes a photo opt with a disc jock.
She got her fair share of attention
Shae sporting a floral Bomber jacket suit gets down to business
Latoya was clearly enjoying herself
She was absolutely hot in this outfit
She turned heads at the party.
A section of a jam-packed Gee Wee Parking Lot.
A cute duo represents for KGN 5 Entertainment group.
Entertainer Lincoln 3Dot is sanwiched by the sweet pair of Shantea A Cousins and Samantha Barne.

If you didn't see or hear anything related to Alka-Vybz, then you probably weren't in Jamaica.

Alka-Vybz was staged recently at the Gee Wee car park and was a tremendous success. This event was unique as only two artistes' music was played for the entire night. But not just any two. They were two of the best modern-day lyricists and definitely two of Jamaica's hottest, best, and most controversial dancehall artistes.

Only the music of Alkaline and Vybz Kartel was played at Alka-Vybz, and the fans turned out in their numbers to experience this first event of its kind.

The venue execution was one of perfection. There were three huge bars so patrons could get their drinks flowing smoothly and also a huge dance floor in the centre of the venue.

Music was provided by Flava Unit, Little Richie, and ZJ Chrome, and each selector had the patrons wanting more. Artistes like Razor B, Wasp, Ninja Kid, Lincoln 3Dot, Voicemail, Nazir, and LA Lewis, among others, were in attendance. Security was supertight, with policemen, security guards, and even a Guardsman armoured truck on location.

From all indications, Alka-Vybz was a well-planned and executed event and was definitely one the patrons needed.

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