Scarlette Beharie has died

October 11, 2016
Scarlette Beharie

Popular theatre practitioner, Scarlette Beharie has died.

Beharie, who was diagnosed with stage four breast cancer last year, passed away Tuesday afternoon.

In August, Beharie, in an interview with THE STAR,  opened up about her fight with cancer.

"I am very happy to have an extensive network of supporters who are always ready to assist in any way possible. I tell people all the time, I have an army, who is always up for whatever the task is, from supermarket and market and pharmacy runs, to fundraising for the bills that do not stop coming, to holding my hands on the worse days,” she revealed.

“Sometimes I think my illness is almost harder on them than me. I have had to accept, face and deal with it - they are watching me do this without being able to stop, change or alter my situation, it is a difficult position for people who love you to be in, to want to make it better for you but is helpless to do so."

The local fraternity has been plunged into mourning with several key players taking to social media to express sadness at Beharie’s passing.

Well-known playwright Aston Cooke posted a series of pictures and wrote the words "walk good Scarlette" on Beharie’s Facebook page.

Natalie Thompson, filmmaker also used Facebook to send her condolences. 

“The strife is o'er the battle won. Rest well Scarlette. You will be missed,” she posted.

A lover of the arts, Beharie had a passion for theatre and spent most of her life working on the local scene on several productions including her own project, Samson and Di Liar.

She worked as the coordinator of the Centre Stage Theatre Workshop (the amateur arm of JAMBIZ International) for approximately four years before she moved across to Basil Dawkins Productions where she spent six years as his stage and production manager.


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