Allan Kerfew promotes new video

October 12, 2016
Allan Kerfew

After many years behind the scenes, overseas-based reggae singer Allan Kerfew is now promoting his third video on YouTube for his inspirational new song, 'Time Is The Master'.

The video, which was released on June 14, was filmed and produced by Blaza Visionz, a film company based in New York which also specialises in video production.

Shot in New York, the video provides viewers with vibrant visuals, depicting a stress-free, happy-go-lucky vibe. People from all walks of life, including Kerfew and his love interest in the video, can be seen having a good time in various settings, including the club scene and on the city streets.

The video's theme represents an authentic Caribbean flavour, showcasing vintage dance moves from the rocksteady era and a relaxed party atmosphere.

Produced with a solid story line, the video revolves around a central theme of not worrying about difficulties, but instead, leaving all things to time. It closely reflects the words of the song, which is likely to remind music lovers of old-time classics with similar messages.

Acting is also a main component of the video's storyline. It portrays a young woman getting frustrated after failing to close a business deal but eventually coming out on top after persevering.

With the release of his third music video, Allan Kerfew is attempting to take his music internationally after being a staple on the New York club scene for several decades. The reggae crooner recently released his second album, Situation, but has gained traction with older music lovers with cover versions such as My Best Girl and Mr Bojangles.

Time Is The Master has already garnered hundreds of views on YouTube. Its growing popularity comes as Kerfew works with Blaza Visionz on his third album, to be released in the coming months.

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