It's A Drink Up a hit in Portmore

October 15, 2016
This hot lady drew a lot of eyes with her hot outfit
A promo girl strikes a pose
These two were hotting up the cool night air
She was teasing, teasing, teasing
This crew was definitely enjoying the vibes
Contributed A hottie shows off her outfit
These three advertise a party
These two strike a pose

The first staging of the party series It's a Drink-Up, was a hit in Portmore, St Catherine, recently.

Held at Waves Beach, the event was well attended and filled with high-energy music.

"It was a high energy vibe. Patrons really enjoyed themselves, to the point that they requested the closing time be extended. We were really surprised by this," co-promoter Kamoy Clarke said. "The crowd support was really great for our first staging outside of Kingston, which was beyond our expectations."

With music courtesy of Xynkfence sound system, Coppershot, Di Unit, and ZJ Johnny Kool, patrons were taken on a whirlwind musical journey through the decades as they danced non-stop, partying like real rock stars.

''We are very pleased with the support, so much so that we have started plans for our next staging in February. The tremendous turnout of beautiful ladies in their bikinis partying the night away was certainly the highlight of the party," said Clarke.

Dubbed the 'Ultimate Drink-Up Experience', the event was promoted by Xynkfence Music Group.

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