Busha Mark questions violence in Ja


October 19, 2016
Contributed Busha Mark

Singjay Busha Mark is hoping to use social commentary to educate and elevate the minds of at-risk ghetto youth and hopefully lead them away from the influence of gangs.

The artiste's popular single, What a Gwaan Roun Ere, asks tough questions about why the society keep erupting into pangs of ugly violence that produce incidents like the recent March Pen Road massacre, which claimed five innocent lives.

"I am trying to elevate the minds of the youth with a message in my music that tells them that they are free to choose their own paths; violence and corruption is not the answer," Busha said.

The song is enjoying rotation on stations such as HITZ, SunCity radio, Hot 102 FM and Vybz FM.

Born in Kingston, Busha Mark, christened Lee Jay Scott, began developing his own musical style as a youngster. At 44, Busha said he knows he is competing with some of the younger dancehall acts, but said he doesn't feel threatened.

"They are doing their thing and I am doing mine. Good music doesn't have an age limit and some of dancehall's finest artistes are in their 40s. The aim is to continue to do catchy tunes while getting the right publicity," he said.

Influenced by his father Desmond Scott, Ken Boothe and Gyptian, Busha Mark is also known for other singles including Real Friends, Always Be There and arguably, his most popular single, the dancehall-flavoured Gi Wi Di Gal Dem.

He is booked to appear on upcoming shows such as Unity Splash on October 21 and Chisholm Jamboree on November 26.

He can be followed on Twitter @bushamark and Facebook: bushamarkmusic.

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