Nature Ellis kicks off U-21 football contest

October 21, 2016
Nature Ellis
Nature Ellis

Reggae artiste Nature Ellis will be bankrolling and organising a six-a-side Under-21 football contest involving 16 garrison communities in the Corporate Area.

The contest will be held at the Cling Cling Avenue football field in St Andrew, beginning today and ending on Sunday. "It's about finding the talent in the youth, that great hidden talent they may have, and nurturing it," Nature Ellis said.

The World Peace singer will also align himself with Michael 'Book Work' Evans and security expert Andrew Ellis to help organise the event. "The book is badder than the sword or gun, and without the book, no gun coulda draw, Nature Ellis and I have come together to make a united bridge and to host this tournament to get these youth to communicate, and compete and make bonds that can reach across volatile communities," Evans said.

Sponsors for the event include Solomonic Records, Ian 'Pepe' Goodison, Ricardo 'Bibi' Gardener and artiste Bunny 'Fitty Fitty' Wailer. The team which wins the event will pocket $150,000 cash, while the second place will attract a $80,000 prize. There will also be individual trophies for the best goal and best player.

"Everybody ah do their part to make this a reality. You see, reggae and football is a means of bringing people together; and when you can allow them to socialise and communicate and make links, it eases the tension between communities, eliminate borders and leads to the world peace that I sing about," Nature Ellis said.

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