Popular vlogger OK after accident

October 21, 2016
Contributed DyDy
Contributed DyDy

Popular social media personality Bad Gyal DyDy wants her followers to know that she is ok. This follows news that she was hospitalised after a car accident.

The vlogger told The WEEKEND STAR that she is now out and doing well. "I was in the hospital, but I'm ok now so no need to worry," she said. "I'm fine. I had a minor accident in Jamaica, while I was there in September, and I didn't pay attention to some pains I was feeling because I thought it was nothing, but when I came back (to America) the pain got worse so I went to the hospital and had it checked out."

DyDy said several persons have been reaching out to her expressing concern but sought to reassure that she has the situation under control. "I mean, I don't know why people would spread the news in such a way that it would lead people to think something more serious was happening," she said. "I am ok. I got myself checked out so I'm not in the hospital, I'm good"

The vlogger, known for her 'tell it as it is' attitude, came to prominence over the last few years as her videos speaking on different issues went viral on social media. She has gained thousands of followers on several social media platforms as people are drawn to her 'bad gyal' persona. Her popularity on social media has landed her several hosting gigs both locally and internationally. She was recently in Jamaica to host one of several events put on by cricketer Chris Gayle.

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