RPS lives up to expectations

October 22, 2016
She was certainly enjoying the festivities.
She was kinda low key in a party that was turned up.
These female patrons share lens space.
This female patron was the life of the party she was with the Ripples pool party promotional team.
She prefers to dance in the water.
Anthony Minott/Freelance Photographer Three hotties strike a pose
A patrons flashes a pretty smile.
Anthony Minott/Freelance Photographer These two were certainly enjoying the pool
Chin dances up a storm with Ripples promoter Cleon.
A couple gets on bad.
An RPS hostess get down to business.
Promoters of RPS Pool party, from left, Shaniff, Adrian and Simone share lens space.

Partygoers flocked the hype event Release Party Series (RPS) Pool Party at 8 Upper Melwood Avenue, Cherry Gardens, St Andrew, recently.

Promoters of some of the big parties such as Sandz, Dip Suh, MAPS, and Ripples were in attendance to support the RPS Entertainment event and get in on the action, which reached fever pitch as DJs urged the girls to 'bruk out'.

The heat in the party was evident as some ladies dived into the pool water to cool down. Sexily dressed ladies in swimwear and skin-hugging outfits were seen in ever crevice and corner of the venue, and they weren't shy to show off their assets and dance skills.

"The party was awesome. We had a good turnout and the vibes was high, and the food was sumptuous, thanks to the disc jocks who really kept up the tempo," Shaniff, a spokeperson for RPS said. "Thanks to my team, Simone and Adrian. You guys were a big help and the supporters that made RPS Pool Party a success."

RPS has used this medium to thank the following sponsors for their contribution: Puregroop, TechMedic, Tropics Party Rental and STG.

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