Sativa D Black 1 blazing

October 26, 2016
Sativa D Black 1

Singer Sativa D Black 1 is a firebrand Rastafarian who is now blazing a trail in the world of reggae-dancehall with his latest single, Petty Thief, on the YGF Records label.

"The idea came from a natural mystic that happened to the I cause one day. Mi lef mi shoes pon mi house top and when mi come back, the shoes gone. This happens inna a lot of communities where you have petty thieves that terrorise people, so this song is social commentary and humorous, but it is a serious topic. Petty thieves, white-collar criminals, ah the same species of thief," he said.

He shot a music video for the single in Linstead, St Catherine, recently.

This song is one of the singles which will lead out his new EP, which will be released through Charm B Productions. Other songs to look out for include the Charm B Production singles Ungrateful, Grip Me and Walk Her Out, a song which deals with domestic violence, and Never Waan Mi Reach This Far for Full Chaarge Records.

Known for his incendiary live performances and strong stage persona and charismatic vocals, Sativa D Black 1 is ready to take on the world in a major way. Managed by the New York-based Charm B Productions, he hopes his positive work will serve as the manifestation of other things to come.

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