Gospel show targeted by scammers

October 28, 2016

The recently held Kingston Jerk & Gospel Music Festival was targeted by scammers, who attempted to use fake tickets to sway unsuspecting patrons.

Organiser, gospel artiste Chozzen, condemned the practice and adviced patrons attending entertainment events to go through the right channels.

"Our team caught up quickly, then the police handled it with urgency. The attacks came, but we were prepared for it even though it caused a few hiccups in our main show. Thankfully, we came out the victors, so we are sending up the praises," he told THE WEEKEND STAR.

Chozzen said the scam justifies why it is necessary for such a festival to be promoted in the island. He believes the Gospel can curtail criminality.

"Lets be real, the harsh reality is that we can't stop criminals, scammers, gunmen, etc; however, as spiritual beings, the war is never against flesh and blood, that's why we do events like these and use them as baits to win souls. Our intention is to marvel men and bring them to Christ. Kingston Jerk & Gospel Music Festival offers deliverance, supernatural breakthrough and restoration. Three gangsters got saved at our event last year, one is now active doing Kingdom duties," he said.

Aside from the hiccups, Chozzen was pleased with the support.

"It's our second staging, and we are expanding. Our team is happy. There's always room for growth, but we are growing extremely fast. This is all God, and we are super-excited as to how the Holy Spirit will continue to lead. This year, we had 3,678 patrons, and God's willing, next year, we'll hit the 5,000 mark or even exceed that," he said.

He credits the success of this years festival to a strong line-up and improved marketing.

"We had a stellar line-up, but our marketing team went all the way from social media to radio, television and print media. Our ambassadors took to the streets and homes literally, and our billboards were all over Kingston. Our Fashion and Karate Show, Shopping Strip, Kiddies Village, Food Village and Celebrity Cook-off went well," he said.

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