J'can play for Georgia this weekend


October 28, 2016
Contributed Mikey Sparkle

US-based events promoter Mikey Sparkle of Mikey Sparkle Production is confident that his latest project will be a huge success.

The veteran promoter, rated as one of the best in Georgia, is set to produce two stagings of Basil Dawkins' latest play titled Guilt Trip.

The play, directed by Douglas Prout and Toni-Kay Dawkins, features an all-star cast, which is spearheaded by Oliver Samuels, Ruth Ho-Shing, and Dennis Titus.

Guilt Trip is slated for two stagings in Georgia this weekend. The first tomorrow at the Shiloh High School theatre in Snellville, and the other the following day at the same venue.

Guilt Trip first played last December and has enjoyed a successful run to sold out crowds in Kingston, the UK, and several cities in North America.

"This play is very popular, and a lot of people in the Jamaican community in Georgia have been hearing about it for a while now, and they are looking forward to seeing it for the first time. Ticket sales have been very good; I think we are going to get a great turnout for both stagings of Guilt Trip," said Mikey Sparkle.

Tickets for Guilt Trip are available at the ticketalternative.com.

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