J'cans embrace Halloween ... Industry players say parties just for fun


October 29, 2016
A patron turned up at Black Twilight Halloween Costume Ball in 2012.
DJ Narity
Contributed Mr Vegas

... Industry players say parties just for fun

Halloween parties have been growing in popularity in Jamaica in recent years. This weekend alone, more than a dozen such parties are taking place across the Corporate Area, a massive jump in the number of these events staged five years ago.

Alessandro Boyd, promoter of R.E.D. Wicked Halloween, the Cooler Edition, which takes place today in Jacks Hill, St Andrew, told THE STAR that Jamaicans have warmed up to the idea of Halloween because many do not pay attention to the negative connotations associated with the holiday.

social media

"I'd say people like to dress up and be something other than themselves for one night. It's all about having fun".

"With the evolution of social media, the world is becoming smaller. We are exposed to more and are heavily influenced by it," he said.

Boyd also reasoned that Jamaicans have always been influenced by America's popular culture of which Halloween is a part.

Halloween will be observed on Monday, but the main celebration is likely to be today.

Former dancehall artiste Mr Vegas agreed. The Christian-minded Vegas told THE STAR that Halloween's popularity in Jamaica is largely due in part to how Americanised the Jamaican society has become.

He went on to say that while the celebration of such a holiday should be a growing concern and that citizens should not only be worried about the negative impacts of Halloween and other dark celebrations.

"There are other holidays that we celebrate in Jamaica that have some form of Satanism or paganism rituals attached to it, therefore, it would be hypocritical for citizens to just be concerned with the growing popularity of Halloween," Vegas said.

"People in Jamaica these days have become so ungodly that they are not afraid to say 'God is not real, or, 'There is no God', so I have no problem with how people want to live their lives, so if people want to celebrate Halloween, whatever they want to do with their life is on them."

Popular party selector DJ Narity also gave his two cents on the issue. The deejay argued that the majority of event promoters that put on these Halloween events do not know what the holiday really celebrates.

"The increase in popularity isn't a surprise to me because I think Jamaica is so Americanised now, but I don't think the persons who put on these events really know what Haloween signifies. It's just something they see happening," he said.

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