Tafari hits the Billboard reggae top 10

November 02, 2016

Recording artiste Tafari, son of reggae veteran Big Youth, has debuted at number nine on the Billboard Reggae album chart with his sophomore album 'Desire Fulfilled'.

The album contains 15 tracks and has been released by Tafari's RUD3 Music LLC label.

"I feel blessed to be in the top 10 as there are thousands of albums out and most with big business machinery behind them. Then there comes Tafari the independent artiste standing among the best in reggae," Tafari said in a media release.

Desire Fulfilled features work from top-flight producers, including Bret 'Beats' Bailey, Noah Bensimhon, Jason Gilbert and Derrick Garcia. Tafari gave an insight into the thought process and working on the album.

"Whenever I create music I make it my duty to tap into a natural place that is honest for me. The focus of this album was desire accomplished, which is a tree of life, as said in the proverbs," he said. Desire Fulfilled is the follow-up to Tafari's previous release Rud3 Lov3 which made the top 20 on the Billboard Reggae album chart two years ago. He explained how the album's title came about.

"The title of the album came about when the direction took me into love song mode in totality, and all the songs were praising love received by my female counterpart." Songs on the album include Wood in the Fire, Unforgettable, Affection, Puts it Down (featuring his brother Isat), I'm Ready, Feels So Good, No Odda and the interludes Blessed By My Beloved and Praise the Most High.

Tafari joins three other Jamaicans currently inside the Billboard Reggae album top 10. The others are Jah9, and Marley brothers Stephen and Ziggy.

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