Keznamdi seeks protection in new single


November 03, 2016

Fresh from a recent sold-out 6000-strong concert with Sony-signed pop act Zhu in Los Angeles, rising reggae sensation Keznamdi is now promoting his latest single, 'Father Protect Me'.

The dancehall-inspired single, which was produced by Keznamdi and JLL, the beat-maker behind Chi Ching Ching's Breadfruit, hears Keznamdi requesting protection and guidance as he goes through the rigours of his daily life.

Father Protect Me, was promotionally released to select disc jocks across the globe last Monday, and is now available on all digital platforms tomorrow.

Visuals to support the single were captured in LA's hot pocket of South Central, along with accompanying Los Angeles city shots. The video will also be released to lifestyle blogs and other media outlets tomorrow.

"This song full of vibes and energy, but it's a very spiritual song to me because it's a real prayer and meditation we have on a daily basis, especially in a time like this, where people practise a lot of evil. So we have to ask the Almighty to grounded," said Keznamdi, who recently celebrated his 25th birthday. "I also love the fact that it's a dancehall track and a lot of people not used to me on dancehall beats, so we look forward to the reception."

Having done his recent Summer Movements promo tour, which brought him to major festivals across Europe and North America, Keznamdi plans to promote Father Protect Me in the form of special appearances and performances that will take place over the next few months.

Keznamdi is currently in Los Angeles working with songwriters and production teams to create new music and visuals as he eyes the mainstream US market for 2017.

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